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Customs data


Being aware of the business partners based on Fusion Accessories LTD.'s real customs transactions; Classifying Fusion Accessories LTD.'s business partners by their trading frequency and to be alerted its new business partner.

Partner Country Latest Transaction All Trade
Avon Canada Inc. United States 2013/11/01Pvc Handbag Shoes The Shipment Does Not Cont Wood Packing Materials View
Avon Products Inc. United States 2012/01/24 View
Avon Canada Inc United States 2013/12/06Tamato Shaped Cooking Pot Bright Jegging View
Target Northern Campus United States 2012/01/20Handbags Surface Of Plastic Sheet Text Mater Pvc Handbag Po 5703322 S C 490311 This B L Contains Par... View
Avon Products Inc (puerto Rico) - 2011/10/17Size 6-chain T Strap Mini Wedge Product Profile Number : 1145265 Po 2000099 Fsc No. F3572751 Qty:54... View

Port Analysis

Being aware of Fusion Accessories LTD.'s trading port analysis based on its customs transactions; Analyzing Fusion Accessories LTD.'s throughput of IMP and EXP on a certain market and identifying its new market.

Port Times Latest Transaction All Trade
Pusan, Korea, South 45 2013/12/06Tamato Shaped Cooking Pot Bright Jegging View
Yantian, China 22 2013/11/15Casual Chic Hndbg Sterling Silver Cz Cluster Ring Sterling Silver Textured Rose Ring Sterling Silver... View
Amoy, China 12 2012/01/24 View
Jose 8 2011/11/11Cushion Walk Buckl Flat Boot View
Ning Bo, China 5 2012/04/26L/c No.:5813700187 Sales Terms: Fob Product Descriptions: Plastic Bottles Country Of Origin: Peoples... View

Trading Transactions

Providing Fusion Accessories LTD.'s historical trading transactions recorded 12 months before; Providing our registered members of Fusion Accessories LTD.'s trading transactions recorded 6 months before.Register Now!

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Trade Date Partner Latest Transaction View B/L
2013/03/29 Avon Canada Inc. Trendy Luggage Scale And Tags All Purpose Serving Set On-the-go Stacke... B/L
2013/03/29 Avon Canada Inc. Fun In The Tub Mirror Plastic Storage Container Plastic Container B/L
2013/02/28 Avon Canada Inc. Flashlight,portable Pedicure Set,600pcs Essential Fix It Caddy, Januar... B/L
2013/02/28 Avon Canada Inc. Shoes B/L
2013/02/28 Avon Canada Inc. Handbag B/L
2013/02/22 Avon Canada Inc. Dicer Handbag 12pcs Foam Hair Roller Set Stuffed Toys Microwave Rice C... B/L
2013/02/15 Avon Canada Inc. Color Jegging 4 Piece Packs Of Ladies Intimate Apparel Brush Spring Fl... B/L
2013/02/14 Avon Canada Inc. As Per Attachment B/L
2013/02/07 Avon Canada Inc. Lg Tortilla Shell Baking Bowl,fanned Foot Files, 4500 Pcs Of Grip Twee... B/L
2013/01/31 Avon Canada Inc. Crochet Shoes January Garnet Birthstone Pen February Amethyst Birthsto... B/L
2013/01/17 Avon Canada Inc. F3725931 Po#704481 Quatrefoil Mirror Qty: 2700 Pcs The Shipment Does N... B/L
2013/01/17 Avon Canada Inc. Large Cascading Filing System Microwave Rice Cooker Classic Shower Cur... B/L
2013/01/17 Avon Canada Inc. Large Cascading Filing System Brush Shoes Colorful Multi Purpose Mixin... B/L
2013/01/14 Avon Canada Inc. Elephant Book Ends Bath Towel Bar Foam Hand Sponge Qa Watch Hs Code 39... B/L
2013/01/10 Avon Canada Inc. Table Etagere White-woven Btlr Bag Hs Code 9403.60.10.99 4202.22.1500 ... B/L

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