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【garnet suppliers】 and list provides the supplier list, supplied products and latest deals of garnet for foreign trade staff who are engaged in international trade of garnet. Data source comes from supplier export data from global, it is real and authority.You can screen your target customer in the suppliers list of garnet via company name, trade record and supplied products. We have marked those suppliers that have contact information and have been verified manually, thus, helping you select high-quality company.

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Countries: All China Japan Russia India

Total of 363 garnet Supplier

  • Indian Garnet Sand

  • Taiwan|1 Transactions
  • Latest record:garnet Abrasives 480 Pp Bags + 4 Jumbo Bags garnet Abrasive 30-60 Mesh / 6 Mt garnet 36 Mesh garnet Abrasive 36 / 8 Mt garnet 80 Mesh garnet Abrasive 80 Mesh / 6 Mt (6 Mt Of garnet 30-60 Mesh Packed I...

  • Transworld Garnet India

  • South Korea|49 Transactions
  • Latest record:garnet Abrasive #80 Common Grade Upto 80 Mesh 220 No. Of 1 Mt Bags Containing 40 No.of 25 Kg Hdpe Bags Each Total Nt. Wt: 220000.00 Kgs. Tg I-tut/046/13-14 Dt.26.04.2013 0340 Dt.18.03....

  • Transworld Garnet India Pvt Ltd

  • Oman|138 Transactions
  • Latest record:garnet Abrasive #80 Ecj 020 N Os.of 1mt Jumbo Bags Containing 40 No Of 25 Kg Hdpe Bags Each Purchase Order No:000807 Dt:05.09.2013 Invoice No:tgi /duv/072/2013-14 Dt:18.09.2013 Dt:18.09...